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Dental Botox Theraphy Service

What Is Botox?

Botox is one of the botulinum toxin drugs which is derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. This bacterium same bacterium that causes botulism, a rare but dangerous foodborne illness. The active, therapeutic neurotoxin is harvested, separated and purified in a laboratory to make it safe and effective for the treatment.

How Does Botox Work?

Within a few hours of Botox being injected into your muscles, it attaches to the endings of the nerves that will control the muscles. In the next upcoming days, the toxin works to block the transmission of nerve signals so that they would not cause muscle contractions. Botox only affects the nerves connected to your motor neurons, without affecting you're any nerve connected to the sensory neurons. Botox continues to block your nerve signals for three to four months. Whenever the Botox wears off, the patient's signs and symptoms will return. Another dose can be given if desired by the patient.

Botox in Dentistry

Botox has been used to correct the parafunctional clenching, extracapsular myogenic temporomandibular disorder, truisms and the headaches that accompany these disorder.Botox can be used in a dental clinic when it is a part of your treatment plan within a dental scope of practice and not as a normal stand-alone procedure. The dental professional must have received the appropriate education and training to work for Botox. Regulations for Botox for dentists and dental hygienists vary across States. It is important to check with your state licensing board for regulations and laws that govern whether, and if so how, you can use this drug in your office or not.

Side Effects of Botox

The Food and Drug Administration offers a set of warnings for the Botox based on the effects it can have if it is allowed to accidentally spread through the body. Spreading the toxin systemically can cause uncontrolled urinary leakage, muscle weakness, and dangerous breathing and swallow to Botox is also possible overtime after receiving repeated high doses. A different type of toxin may be then needed in order to achieve the same results. It is important to explain these risks and the benefits to the patients, and to have a signed treatment plan and which also informs consent form completed, signed and dated prior to starting treatment.

Discussing Botox With The Patients

As with any treatment, it is important to provide your patient with all the information regarding the product and procedure which you are recommending. Dental professionals should discuss the risks, benefits, cost, a number of appointments, and the needs for the maintenance visits associated with Botox. The advantages for the patients will be that the drug has immediate results with no side effects. Disadvantages and potential risks must also be shared, including the important fact that there will be a need for the repeated number of injections in every three to four months and the also the cost associated with regular retreatment. We are always here being informed and open to discuss when it comes to alternative treatment plans if patients decide Botox is not affordable or not right for them to tell them straight away.

Does Botox Belong in a Dental Office?

Botox is offered by many health care providers, including some not so highly trained or non-professional in the maxillofacial area as the dentists. Dentists are fully equipped for procedures far riskier than Botox too. We know all the risky and non-risky treatments, as with any procedure, proper training and education are required prior to safely and effectively providing Botox treatments to the patients which All Brite Dentistry is providing to everyone.

Why It is Important

Botox may be an alternative when other treatments had failed to work upon you Botox in dentistry may increase in popularity among the dentists to help treat physical and cosmetic conditions. Discussing Botox with patients is very important, as many patients don't know about it. It may be a possibility to alleviate some of the dental concerns.


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